Wilmington Weddings and Events aims to make planning a wedding or event in the Wilmington area as easy as possible. Wilmington is a premier destination wedding location, with beaches, historic sites, museums, and gardens! We want brides to have all of the information they need about Wilmington at their fingertips- after all, it is the best place to get married! Most brides have the disadvantage of never having planned a wedding and may not even live in the Wilmington area! We want to bring the professionals together to help guide you as best as possible to help take the guess work out of the process! We have an amazing wedding community ready to help you along the way and make your day as memorable as possible!

Wilmington Weddings and Events also focuses on vendors and their business; giving them opportunities to network, get to know each other better, and receive education. Vendors spend all of their time helping others have the event of their life, so I think they should take time out for themselves and be the guest from time to time! Building your network and coming together as an industry is one of the best ways to build your business. As an example we have a huge network of best Wilmington hairdressers who will assist you with majestic hairstyles for this special day. Contact me if you’re a vendor and want to know more.


We fell in love with Wilmington from the moment we brought our family and our wedding planning company here. We’ve spent years in the wedding industry, but immediately felt at home in the wedding community in Wilmington. After getting to know Wilmington Weddings and Events’ founder Dana Laymon through our own membership, we happily agreed when she asked us to purchase the company, knowing that we wanted to continue her vision of bringing the community of wedding vendors together, and providing engaged couples with all the resources they need to get married in Wilmington.