A big trend we see happening after the wedding is couples allowing themselves more time at home together before they have to leave for their honeymoon. And with that trend, they are finding themselves spending additional time with family and friends while they’re all in town for the wedding. And what better way to do this than with a post-wedding brunch! Wilmington has some amazing brunch locations and I dare say that Wilmingtonians love their brunch! Just in case you’re thinking about hosting a post-wedding brunch, our local wedding vendors chimed in with their favorite spots to brunch below!

  • Sweet and Savory
  • Boca Bay
  • The Famous Toastery
  • Pinpoint Restaurant
  • Spoonfed Kitchen + Bakeshop
  • Jester’s Cafe
  • Surfhouse Cafe
  • Cast Iron Kitchen
  • Ceviche’s
  • Basics
  • Hops Supply Company
  • Oceanic
  • Bluewater

Be sure to call ahead and let them know you’ll be bringing in a large party (usually 8 or more) and if they even have a separate dining room for you to sit in. Most places are more than willing to accommodate you as long as they know you’re coming!

If you’re planning the brunch ahead of time, something as casual as an Evite can be sent out to those who are invited. You don’t want to be doing a last minute, unorganized head count right after the wedding! And this will allow you to make a reservation somewhere if needed. Generally the bride’s parents or the newlywed couple pays for the brunch but make sure it’s clear in your invite if everyone is expected to go dutch!

Where are your favorite brunch places around Wilmington? And do you plan on having a post-wedding brunch?

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