We have another great guest post for you today from Kelly Lienhop, owner of Provision Design Methods. She’s here to tell us all about the latest 2017 wedding trends when it comes to decor!

“Fascinating is an understatement when it comes to describing being in the wedding industry. Coming in contact with and getting to know so many different people with all kinds of styles, tastes and preferences is nothing less than ‘keeping your job interesting’. The best part to us is that not every event we do is necessarily going to be our style, what would be our choice or even anything that we have seen or heard of before. Learning about people you have just met through listening to the vision they have for the biggest day of their life is a feeling that nothing compares to. When you know someone, even if the event isn’t your ‘style’ it becomes perfect, because it is their perfect. What I am going to break down for you is the top trends that have shaken the 2017 wedding industry as well as some of my favorites from this year!

CASUAL AFFAIR. This is one of those dance like no one is watching types of receptions. There is nothing like all of your friends and family surrounding you, all of their arms up in the air while singing and dancing. This is more of a mood rather than a decoration top trend, but let’s be honest, we all hope for a wedding that every detail gets remembered…most likely the one thing that will be remembered is the time that was had by all<3 STUNNING SIMPLICITY. We all know that the details are what captures our eye, but there is something about the simplicity of clear glass, candles and white and black décor that screams elegance.

SUCCULENT SOIREE. A newer but ever growing trend in the wedding world. Dress them up, dress them down…use them alone or in a trinket or bouquet. You cannot go wrong with these cactus cousins.

CLASH-NO-MORE SILVER AND GOLD GALORE. Why did we ever have to choose between these two oh-so-different but equally beautiful tones? Raise your hand if you are LOVING the mix we are seeing in all aspects of décor!

VINTAGE GLAM, THANK YOU, MA’AM. Whoever said that you can’t have it all has CLEARLY never been to an event with more than one style. Take vintage, take rustic, take boho or ANY other casual-ish event, add a pop of sequin or glitter and have the best of both worlds.

ALL PATTERNS WELCOME. Stripes and polka dots? Floral and solid? Why not??? Mix match china is one of the hottest trends this year. The mix of color, shape and layers is giving brides a look that is literally all their own! Not only is this a gorgeous way to exert color and texture into your night but it also entertains guests. The different patterns and styles not only exercise the eyes but some may even strike a memory or two from their past.

SET THE MOOD, EDISON! There is just something about a string of lights that turn any event, indoor or out, into an intimate affair.

GEOMETRIC BEAUTIES. Well, geometry finally has a leg to stand on in my everyday life! OBSESSED with terrariums. You can do so many different things with these beauties. Centerpieces, accent pieces, hanging décor, chandelier staging. It is safe to say that you will NEVER go wrong with these complex beauties!

IT’S NOT JUST A FORK. It is that piece of the table-scape that just seals the deal. Believe it or not, your guests actually pay attention to the details. I don’t see anyone leaving an event complaining that they had silverware and the décor called for gold….but I do see people noticing that extra little detail that completed the table setting.

ALL THE GREENS. Brides are taking the greenery to new level this year. Its edgy, its elegant, its natural and it doesn’t break the bank! Runners, arbors, centerpieces and even bouquets. You have endless options going this direction for any event.

I HOPE YOU DONUT PLAN TO COUNT YOUR CALORIES. I have to say that I am really hoping that the donut trend sticks around for the long haul. Not only are these delicious pieces of heaven a popular choice, but creating the display for them is SO exciting!!!! We are seeing more and more spreads of different desserts rather than the usual wedding cake option!

BOHO. Take all of these trends and put them in a blender and hit YES PLEASE. The year of nothing matching, nothing symmetrical and absolutely NO norm says, do what you want. Not only is it entertaining, beautiful, unique to every bride, colorful and FUN…it is YOURS.”

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